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  • Dianniu Finance President’s New Year Speech: Develop with Legal Compliance, Progress with Great Endeavor

    Happy New Year!

    I am Zeng Erxin, President of Dianniu Finance.

    Spring comes and brings the best sunshine. Everything in the world is growing and glowing. 2017 is a year past us and a new year is already here. I’d like to deliver the best wishes to all of you on behalf of all my colleagues of Dianniu Finance for the following Lantern Festival.

    At the new beginning of 2018, we have a lot of feelings as well as expectations. In the past year, the staff of Dianniu Finance realized agreed trade volume and other targets with joint effort and once again proved that happiness comes from endeavor.

    The past 2017 was an extraordinary year for online finance industry. Legal compliance was the theme of this year. Regulators successively pushed out a series of regulation rules. “1+3” system framework has been built; governments pushed out P2P recording and registration management method and very specific rectification and reform notifications. Supervision became powerful, timely and accurate. And the supervision were unprecedentedly effective, systematic and scientific.

    Under strict supervision, over 2400 P2P platforms have downsized to over 1900 in the country and the whole industry have changed from reckless to mature. Even in harsh environment, online finance has still achieved remarkable performance. Compared with other platforms, Dianniu Finance didn’t pursue expansion speed blindly. Centered with high-quality auto loan assets, we gradually built a “professional and wonderful” vertical information service platform. In 2017, in the new sea of car loan, Dianniu Finance leaped to be main force of domestic car loan with the advantages like risk control technology, business advantage and advanced layout.

    After a time of practice and sediment, Dianniu Finance built a whole set of comprehensive risk control system. Dianniu Finance adheres to strict verification and emphasizes on “source security” in six dimensions including credit rating system, anti-fraud system, value assessment system, GPS tracking system, after-loan system and public opinion monitoring system. In addition, Dianniu Finance develops a three-level, checkpoint and vertical risk control framework through the risk control of cooperator, Dianniu Finance station, Dianniu Finance head office and other subjects to jointly build a tight firewall that protects the interests of investors.

    This year, Dianniu Finance won the acknowledgement of the market with the reputation of “qualified assets, strong risk control and no bad debt”. In May, Dianniu Finance won 2017 Chinese Technology Finance Innovation Award, Top 10 Popular Finance Technology Innovation Enterprise; in June, Dianniu Finance won “2017 Best Internet Finance Platform”; in September, Dianniu Finance won “Chinese Annual Top 10 Online Finance Brand”; in November, Dianniu Finance once again won “Top 30 Online Finance Compliance Development Enterprise”, “Annual Best Risk Control Award” and “Most Popular Finance Institution”.

    In spite of all the difficulties, opportunities are everywhere for platforms like Dianniu Finance that develops with legal compliance and welcomes supervision actively. At present, Dianniu Finance has matched over RMB 1.4 billion of trade volume and is steadily progressing to RMB two billion or even RMB ten billion. All these performances benefit from vigorous support from the society and clients.

    In 2018, big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, biological recognition, blockchain and other new technologies will be integrated into online finance more deeply. We will continue to strengthen the collection, research and application of information, data, computing and mode and actively practice the developmental idea of “driven by technology and cored by risk control”.

    In 2018, the situation might be tougher. However, Dianniu Finance is fully prepared. We believe that no matter how the environment changes and how strict the supervision is, online finance platform can only stand out in this competitive P2P industry competition when it returns to the nature of finance and adheres to its original intention—serving entity economy. At present, Dianniu Finance is actively pushing the work of record by supervision policies and operation with legal compliance is always what Dianniu Finance has been insisting on. New beginning, new challenge! We will continue to overcome all the difficulties and keep innovating in cautious progress.

    What is past is past, what is coming is coming. In the future, we have the greater vision, greater responsibility, and greater hope. I believe, as long as Dianniu Finance continues to adhere to legal compliance and promote the sprite of practicability and innovation, the road ahead is definitely going to be wider and broader. The destination is far, but we will be there if we keep progressing; the task is arduous, but we will be successful if we hold onto the faith!

    Confidence is more significant than gold! Dianniu Finance and all the other investors agree that as long as we are full of confidence and operate strictly by legal compliance, strengthen risk control management and improve company management skill, we will conquer all the difficulties and realize lasting development.

    Forge ahead with the original intention in mind. In this New Year, Dianniu Finance will still adhere to the theme of going back to origin and take solving the financing difficulties of middle and small-sized enterprises as our own mission. 2018, let us fight together! Once again, wish everybody good health, wealth and the very best luck in everything for you from Dianniu Finance.

    Zeng Erxin, President of Dianniu Finance

    March 2, 2018